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Project Coordinator for Gift a Ger Project


Coordinate the implementation, and monitoring of the project at the project target areas with key stakeholders
Focus on strengthening Study Shelter New solution for Eco friendly
Study solar heating system solution & Small housing solution study instead of Ger
Facilitate consultative planning, reflection, and feedback with project stakeholders.
Facilitate the project approaches cooperating with key stakeholders and project beneficiaries
Spent project budgets efficiently in consultation with key partners for management and donor approval and ensure funds are spent in alignment with budgets on time.
Ensure project expenditures, to ensure that they are within the project budget and under World Vision’s financial policies
Ensure project accountability and sustainability drivers throughout project implementation
Prepare the project documentation and reporting to ensure all required reports are submitted on time, accurate, and complete. This is including the provision of information for the monthly report, quarterly report, semi-annual and annual reports, and monitoring checklist, along with updated indicator tracking table and project documentation.


Monitor performance of contractors and subcontractors
Lead effective monitoring at project target areas and collates & supply monitoring data to Manager and World Vision technical programs
High contribution to project reporting is developed to a high-quality standard and is engaging for donor audiences
Ensures monitoring information is used to improve project performance and made available for technical program reports
Supports, as required, to develop the project proposal & design


Identifies new partners within and outside the community and identifies how these partners can work together towards shared priorities for the project effectiveness
Builds and maintains effective working relationships with key stakeholders including local government officials, and department/units to enhance program team effectiveness.
Engages in advocacy and Communication staff
Ensures program priorities and approaches are aligned with community, partners & World Vision standards
Coordinate donors & partners visit in the project fields


Contribute to the common goal and aspirations of the WVI Mongolia, be active member of the team
Attends devotions and weekly chapel services and support spiritual development of his/her team.
Ensures staff and partners understand WV safeguarding & anti-corruption policies
Ensures project supports awareness raising for prevention and reporting of child protection incidents occurs across the project area
Perform any other tasks assigned by supervisors

Project Implementation & Communication Coordinator

Project Implementation & Communication Coordinator for the Building Hopes for Children Project.
The purpose of the position is to coordinate project implementation of the Building Hopes for Children Project in order to achieve objectives of the project contribute to Child Well Being and positive transformation of children and communities at Bayanzurkh District, to implement and manage all marketing-related activities related to corporate partnerships & local project marketing initiatives, and too leverage resources, skills, knowledge and experience of partner organizations at national and local levels, in support of the implementation of project goals and activities.
Project Implementation

Provide support to the Program Manager in his/her leadership and engagement on matters related to program quality and effectiveness in the project area.
Coordinate implementation of technical programs within the allocated primary focus area within the stipulated time and ensure proper budget utilization and its spending in accordance with World Vision policies, standards and procedures.
Address vulnerability and gender based issues, ensure Christian commitment, child protection, environment and conflict resolution are mainstreamed within WV initiatives in their assigned communities.
Regular reflections are conducted with the stakeholders and within project team and ensure learning is addressed during next planning and implementation.
Intentional and continuous monitoring of the project impact and contribute to analysis and interpretation of monitoring dataEnsures compliance with WVI Programming, Finance Manual and donor or partner requirements.

Project Planning, Monitoring and Reporting

Support local level partners to identify needs and underlying causes; and recognize local assets and resources which could support them in meeting these needs, mobilize these in project implementation.
Document and submit progress, learning, challenges, story of significant changes through community reflection, into monthly, semi-annual and annual reports to relevant management and donors.
To enhance effective and efficient utilization of resources and maintain high standards of stewardship and accountability.
Submit monthly & quarterly reports in a timely manner under the approved indicator tracking sheet.
Effective Monthly field monitoring and beneficiary selection process.

Ensure Donor visibility

Ensure effective communication about World Vision’s identity, mission, vision, values, and approach to development.
Ensure that the communication strategic plan includes a commitment to cultivate, serve and strengthen relationships with corporations and/or foundations in Mongolia and especially as local initiative fund raising supporters.
Creative content (video, photo, editorial, graphic design) is developed.
Develop Grant Project Factsheets and Updates Maintain project visibility on the website.
Manage distribution of content through traditional media channels (TV, radio, website, newspapers, and magazines.
Identify and engage relevant capacity building support from technical experts in WV and in partner agencies, as required.

Networking and Coordination 

Develop and maintain a strong understanding of the local context, including government perspectives and plans ensuring voices are heard especially those of children and youth, including most vulnerable.
Facilitate effective working relationships between local stakeholder groups and between local partners and others outside the area.
Mobilize and support the creation, mobilization and strengthening of community groups and key stakeholders which catalyze community engagement to improve child well-being.
Facilitate and support key community meetings/workshops designed to explore and identify key priorities for child well-being.
Ongoing implementation of donor communication through program activities as per the activity designs for individual engagements.

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