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Procurement & Finance Officer

Prepare vouchers and send the invoice to the National Office (NO) finance department to facilitate payment and ensure proper documentation

Send invoices to the NO finance department timely manner
Ensure that sent invoices have been processed timely manner
Communicate relationships with the NO finance if there is error or mistake
Enter all assigned vouchers to Sun System after appropriate approval with the required supporting documents
Ensure all supporting documents are aligning to Grant rules as well as WVI policy
Translate financial vouchers and prepare scanned copies on a drive.

Prepare, review and consolidate regular Grant financial reports

Prepare monthly grant financial reports as per FFM requirement and standard.
Prepare and review GRANT financial reports per the Donor requirements
File the hard copy of the monthly financial reports in a secured and chronological order.

Project staff LDR (Labour distribution report) management

Ensure the staff creates accurate LDR
Ensure that project staff salary and benefit calculate accurately and charged according to the LDR

Grant management

Support to the Grant Manager for the grant implementation
Ensure that Donor and WVI Grant policy and requirements are followed
Ensure screening is done accurately
Ensure that funding commitment on My PBAS.
Advise to the project team and implementation team on Grant related issues
Ensure that costs should have been eligible not allow for ineligible cost
Ensure the Grant closure is completed accurately
Conduct regular discussion on variance analysis and action planning based on the financial report.


Ensure all required PR is created
Ensure an annual procurement plan is up to date
Ensure that tender and procurement process is aligned to WVI policy as well as Donor policy
Ensure inventory records are tracked accurately
Ensure that supplier contracts are made without any risk associated

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