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Дотоод системийн хяналтын ажилтан

Expediting task:

Manage desktop expediting duties as including but not limited:
*Direct calls to Suppliers/ Contractors
*Manage Email communication
*Support Sourcing/Purchasing officer to shorten the lead time of POs
*Pro-actively engage with end users and provide real-time ETA updates
*Responsible FCA order pick up arrangements with Logistics team
*Responsible GR/SES process with WH team and Admin team
*Responsible Invoice payment process with AP team
*Support ANSI and Catalogue process

Reporting task:

*Weekly expediting report
*Critical/Emergency order report
*ANSI and Catalogue report
*Develop DIFOT report


*Responsible Weekly Expediting meeting with End users and Procurement

2,500,000 - 3,000,000Улаанбаатар хот
Бичиг баримт хяналтын ажилтан

Оюу толгой ХХК-ийн Баримт бичгийн хяналтын удирдлагын бодлого, журмын дагуу баримт бичиг, бүртгэл, файлын удирдлагад туслалцаа үзүүлэх. Бүхий л ирж, явж буй захидал харилцааг бүртгэх.
Уурхайн талбар болон кемпийн үйлчилгээний хэлтсүүдэд захиргааны, бичиг хэргийн асуудлаар дэмжлэг үзүүлэх;
Бусад хэлтсүүдийн захиргааны ажилтнуудтай харилцан уялдаатай ажиллах;
Холбогдох бусад үүрэг даалгаврыг гүйцэтгэх

2,100,000 - 2,500,000Улаанбаатар хот
Senior Advisor Cost Control


Inputs cost data into PRISM (a Cost Control Management Data Base). Assists in the production of monthly cost reports, flash report and ‘S’ curves for responsible areas of the project;
Develops and maintain budget expenditure and cost forecasts (commitment, incurrred, cash) in accordance with Project procedures;
Reports, monitors and controls the project budget in different work breakdown structures (work package, discipline and cost element) in terms of: control budget, budget shifts, scope changes, commitments, incurred costs, and estimate at completion;
Updates and issues monthly project cost controls report, including planned, actual and forecast information;
Assists on estimating activities as required to support the cost reporting functions, preparation of cost, schedule and quality control systems and procedures, developiment of action plan list or schedule for effective implementation of the project controls system and completion of other project controls duties as required;
Ensures rules and procedures in place regarding working hours, lunch, office closure and communications about security;
Manages and maintain a safe and secure work environment;
Develops and maintain good working relationships with all employees and project stakeholders.

5,000,000 -ааc дээшУлаанбаатар хот
Advisor Safety

Planning and Reporting

Actively engages and participates in operational prestarts and other required meetings on regular basis to provide safety support and coaching to frontline leaders and actively shape the discussion on managing  health and safety risks for that shift  Fully participates in effective handovers with incoming and outgoing shifts
Help build the capability of front line leaders in the application of health and safety fundamentals – the ‘HSE basics’
Continuous review on training requirements and skills base and where necessary
Participates in operations and maintenance work planning process to support the elimination of HS risks during work planning stage e.including shutdowns, mid-term planing etc.
Able to conduct analysis on the incidents and non-conformances data to identify improvement opportunities within the areas/organisation of accountability

Conformance & improvements to legal & Oyu Tolgoi requirements

Coordinates & participates in HSE internal and external audits, critical control verifications, assessments, inspections, observations and sampling
Ensures compliance with statutory requirements, company policies & practices with regards to safety standards.
Provides health and safety support to operation teams in thier contractor’s onboarding and managing work process  

Coaches & technical support

Ensures effective time in field on a daily basis to provide support and coaching to frontline leaders to help them utilize various safety tools , including during planning phase and assist ops leaders to identify improvement opportunities
Supports and coaches leaders in their field based activities such as SI, CRM, PTHA, HIP and spotlight work e.g. LiF
Builds capability for line leaders in incident, action management, investigation, critical learning and replication processes through training and coaching
Facilitates & coaches facilitation process of Level 1 and 2 risk assessments and builds capability for line leaders in hazard reporting, hazard identification and risk management process through training and coaching
Provides techincal support and give feedback to leaders on safety cascaded coaching process through participating coaching sessions
Implements the Oyu Tolgoi and Rio Tinto safety systems, processes, initiatives and projects within areas/organisation of accountability & provides professional support to the operations.
Assumes a leadership role in safety committees and the work of the specific standard championsReviews new or existing projects, processes & procedures to ensure potential hazards and risks during  planning, design, development, installation processes is considered and ensure continouos improvement and simplication
Other additional duties such as supporting line leaders on delivering UG orientation, UG VOC, visitors induction etc.

Engagement & Communication

Communicates effectively with diverse audiences and in sensitive one-on-one conversations
Ensures feedback mechanisms are in place to assess the effectiveness of communication
Delivers messages that inspire others to commit to action
Ensures pursuit of continuous improvement and proactive engagement
Builds effective working relationships with all peers and respective frontline leaders to influence behaviors and actions to create a culture that enhances health, safety, care, inclusiveness and respect for the people
Communicates and engages regularly with key stakeholders including site management, frontline leaders, and employees regarding safety obligations, plans and performance improvement

Department key deliverables

Delivers key priorities, plans or projects and facilitates improvements within areas/organisation of accountability
Regularly provides input, demand and feedback as a team member to shape the team business plan
Strives to be an effective team member in the team

5,000,000 -ааc дээшӨмнөговь аймаг

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