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Maintenance planner

Responsible for ensuring that all relevant planning of the maintenance department maintain at a professional level on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis, ensuring its implementation, introducing and planning the maintenance schedule with best practices of program, making continuous improvements to the planning, presentation and approval.
Schedule a preliminary inspection of the renovation and ensure that it is adequately accessible to all planned stages of the maintenance department.
The role is based on site with 14/14 roster.

Initiate, implement, and manage the plant maintenance program based on best practices in the lumber industry, with an emphasis on planning/scheduling and preventive/predictive maintenance.
Control all operations of the Maintenance Department and will be responsible for the professional maintenance scheduling, meets with the company requirement. 
Timely accurate for the daily maintenance works and reports 
Cooperate with the maintenance team in any aspects report to the maintenance superintendent and electrical superintendent for required tasks and duties. 
Work close cooperating with the Procurement department to maintain and support for the proper technical advice and ordering required parts and tools.
Conduct research on required equipment, store spare parts and reserve parts as needed.
Work closely with other departments and to ensure the safety of equipment maintenance, improve productivity, and reduce costs.
Prepare a pre-approved equipment maintenance plan, complete the maintenance according to the plan, and shorten the standby time of the equipment. Work with a pool of planned renovation works
Work close cooperation with suppliers
Effective on time and work closely with other departmental directors and keep in mind the consistency of the linkages between maintenance work
Must work under ERP system requirements

2,500,000 - 3,000,000
Улаанбаатар хот
Health & Safety officer

Ensure safety and sanity of the employees in accordance with laws, regulations and standards on occupational safety and health. Ensure the compliance of the employee’s with safety regulations and rules, and monitor its implementation. 
1. Develop advanced occupational safety and health management system;
2. Provide all employee occupational safety and health;
3. Accustom all employee to work in safe and healthy workplace;
4. Carry out assignments in relation to occupational safety and health;
5. Develop guidance on occupational safety and health in accordance with approved procedure;
6. Monitor relevant documents in compliance with law and standards on occupational safety and health;
7. Responsible for registration of implementation of occupational safety and health management system of accident prevention;
8. Compile and archive documents belongs to HSE department, and enter it into united system;
9. Assist in developing monthly, quarterly and annual report;
10. In charge of implementation of management, plan, assessment on occupational safety and health,  and report to the department manager monthly;
11. Register any occurrence of accident, injury, property damage and near miss, and investigate the cause, conduct risk evaluation. In charge of developing preventive system and report to the management weekly;
12. Keep record of any occurrence of industrial accident, occupational disease and chronic poisoning, conduct investigation for the cause, and take preventive measures in cooperation with Safety Officer, report to HSE Manager and Specialized Inspection Agency of Dornod province;
13. Develop annual plan in relation to occupational health and safety and get it approved. Implementation of such plan must be reported to the HSE Manager on monthly basis;
14. Develop and get approval of internal regulations and rules in relation to occupational health and safety in accordance with law and regulations on occupational health and safety;
15. Improve working condition, get preventive plan in relation to industrial accident, chronic poisoning and occupational disease developed by relevant department or employee, and monitor its implementation; 
16. Investigate implementation of law, regulations and rules in relation to occupation safety and health on workplace of the company and the Cotractors. If finds any violation, take corrective measures and report to the management; 
17. Participate as a good role model in the training or instruction of occupational safety and health in accordance with approved procedure;
18. May participate new employer training, give exam, employment process etc;
19. Accustom all employee to register any occurrence of accident, injury, property damage and near miss, and investigate the cause, evalualate incident.
20. Accustom all employee to use and wear personal protective equipment when working;

3,000,000 - 4,000,000
Улаанбаатар хот

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