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Administration officer - Site based

The specific areas of responsibility of the role:   The administration officer will work under the Human resources manager and will be responsible for the site-based employees’ administration work. To ensure that all company-related official documents on-site are properly controlled and managed under the ISO implementation. This includes implementing a system for tracking and storing documents, and regularly reviewing and updating the documents as necessary. To maintain up-to-date records to ensure all departments are in compliance with ISO standards, internal procedures, and government-approved checklists. Manage and control the annual company archive on-site and assist with other departments under the ISO standard, internal procedures, and the Administration and Procurement Department guidance at the end of the year. Filing, copying, binding, and scanning mining-related documents when necessary and archiving departments’ monthly log sheets and morning toolbox meeting records. Receive and submit company documents on-site and report them to necessary departments. Work closely with the Travel Coordinator for visitors when entering the site. Record visitors’ detailed information and provide required information to visitors before they arrive. To inform and get approval from the General Manager Services and inform it to related departments. Greeting and assisting visitors to the office such as access to the Network and other communication utilities, letting them use the desk temporarily if necessary Must work under ERP system requirements Management of office equipment and monitor regular consumable stationery level and order it. Assist colleagues in translation, printing, copying, and scanning jobs whenever necessary. Print and bind prestart checklists for the company for all vehicles and make them used, File certifications and insurance-related documents of all vehicles Translate Mongolian emails which were sent to Foreign managers. Translate synchronously and correctly the discussions and conversations between foreigners and internal workers at every moment when necessary


Job Purpose:   Ensure compliance with occupational laws and regulations, prioritize employee safety, and foster a fair and inclusive workplace. Develop, review, and enforce OHS rules, policies, and procedures in alignment with site, company, and government regulations and laws. Conduct constant inspections to ensure compliance with hygiene and safety regulations and governmental legislation, also monitoring their implementation to guarantee the safety and occupational hygiene of all employees. The role is site-based with a 14/14 roster.   Key Responsibilities:   Develop and uphold OHS policies and procedures by relevant regulations. Monitor and enforce safety rules, hygiene standards, and government regulations. Conduct workplace inspections, assess ergonomic factors, and manage physical hazards. Develop and implement training programs to ensure compliance with labor hygiene regulations. Investigate and address hazardous situations promptly. Improve and integrate OHS policies into daily operations. Stay informed about labor laws and standards. Collaborate with health officers to maintain safe working conditions. Research and prepare reports on working conditions. Lead and support team members for high performance and teamwork.

Human resources officer - Site based

Manage and record for operation daily work meeting and report to managers and related employees. Supply required stationaries and equipment Manage all the site-based employees roster and report to HR manager for at the time. Respond to official e-mail and cell phone at the time and must follow efficient and official communication Keep all company related documents on site based office. Shall not share to someone any Company confidential information nor document etc., Monitoring and controlling site based policy procedure Consistently inform to contractor company about site visitors before they are coming to camp Twice a month to send site employees’ timesheet report and to approved by manager Order required inventory on site, receive order and archive Regularly update local employees’ CVs, work with contractor company for hiring labor from locals. Control site based employees’ documentation checklist and inform updated human resource information to site based all employees Shall follow ERP system 

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