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Шангри-ла Хотел Улаанбаатар - Нээлттэй ажлын байрууд

Тогооч /Талх Нарийн боов/

Ажлын байрны тодорхойлолтод заасны дагуу 


Ажлын байрны тодорхойлолтод заасны дагуу

Service Manager of Food & Beverage

Under the guidance and supervision of the Director of Food & Beverage, you are responsible for the administration and operation of the Food and Beverage Outlet ensuring the implementation of company standards to maximize profits, enforce quality standards, maintain high staff performance and ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. 
Key responsibilities:  

Excellent knowledge in handling different F&B departments & operations
Provides supervision, coaching and training to all F&B colleagues based on the company culture & standards/ requirements & guest engagement
Strong Knowledge on P&L Report, F&B Budget Report, and Cost Control.
Strictly enforces Shangri-La’s Food Safety Management System / HACCP guidelines throughout the F&B Division
Adapts and addressed local market trends
Demonstrate innovation in F&B marketing and promotions

Cloakroom/Өлгүүрчин(Part-Time/Цагийн ажилтан)

 Ажлын байрны тодорхойлолтонд заасан ажил үүргийг гүйцэтгэнэ. 

Гадна талбайн Үйлчлэгч ( Цагийн ажилтан)

Гадна нийтийн талбайн цэвэрлэгээг хийх.

Үйлчлэгч ( Цагийн ажилтан)

Гадна болон дотор нийтийн талбайн цэвэрлэгээг хийх.

Гал тогооны угаагч (Цагийн)

Ажлын байрны тодорхойлолтод заасны дагуу

Hygiene Officer

Under the guidance and supervision of the Hygiene Manager, you are responsible in assisting the Executive Chef & Director of Food & Beverage in driving all activities aiming to ensure the highest level of Food & Safety to all external and internal guests. You also ensure that all food preparation & service areas conform to the minimum hygiene requirements as per the local authorities and HACCP guidelines.   
Designs and implements an internal audit system for all work areas in order to daily and periodically ensure compliance with HACCP guidelines. Conducts basic HCCP training to all staff and insures all food handlers are certified in HACCP as required. Reports audit findings to the concerned Service Executive and follow up on corrective actions. 

Human Resources Officer

Under the guidance and supervision of the Director of Human Resources, you will provide
administrative assistance to HR Department and guidance to internal guests who contact/ visit the HR office. You will assist with the administration of the day-to-day operations, functions, duties and practices and play an active role on employee relations and welfare.
Key responsibilities: 

Performs HR duties as instructed by Director of HR
Administering the leaves recording and tracking
Coordinates employee activities
Other Duties

Laundry - Цагаан хэрэглэлийн угаагч

Ажлын байрны тодорхойлолтод заасны дагуу.
Хими цэвэрлэгээнд ажиллаж байсан бол давуу тал болно.

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