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Health, Safety and Environmental Coordinator is responsible for monitoring and facilitating the company health, safety and environmental management system in an organization work fields; collaborating with employees and managers to identify hazards and assess risks to health, safety and environment, put appropriate safety controls in place, and provide ongoing recommendation and advice on current and emerging risks related to HSE to the mid-level management and employees.

Ensure that the Health, Safety and Environmental Policy Statement is communicated to employees
Lead the process to identify and assess potential health, safety and environmental hazards and risks of operations;

Observe laws, regulations and other requirements that pertain to Health, Safety and Environment at MSM operations;
Communicate information about legal and other requirements to appropriate personnel;
Ensure that there is access to regulatory and other requirements for personnel as appropriate.
Support HSE Manager to facilitate the development of health, safety and environmental objectives, targets and action plans;
Support HSE manager to identify, develop and maintain health, safety and environmental training and education programs so that employees can carry out their HSE responsibilities in a competent manner;
Communicate following to all stakeholders as required:
Ensure all Health, Safety and Environmental non-conformances and incidents are reported, investigated and corrective and preventive actions are taken appropriately in a timely manner;
Maintain health, safety and environmental documents appropriately;


Manage and coordinate service reception work and After Sales related responsibilities. Daily booking in the Dairy: Schedule appointments using dealership approved forms and DMS systems. Responsible for making appointments over the telephone and for preparing the orders.

Open quotation management and follow up report
Admin work of Service reception (policy & procedure management, document filing, reporting and etc.)
Campaign & Promotion management & reporting
Customer complaint management & customer service and customer satisfaction improvement
Navision system data management & implementation
Handling requests from external and internal customers as well as coordination with the responsible specialist as needed.
Checking the availability of the service team on site and reserving a corresponding service appointment according to the customer’s needs as quickly as possible. Referring a Service Advisor as well as reserving the required resources, taking workshop capacity utilization into account.
Monthly Report as approved by manager & ASD
Contract management: Handling customer contract’s
Prepare list of MB, Ford, Chrysler accessory items & lead accessory items sales.

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