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Монгол улс, Улаанбаатар хот, Сүхбаатар дүүрэг, 1-р хороо олимпийн 19а, Шангри-Ла оффис 14 давхар

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Structural, Mechanical and Piping Supervisor

Oversee the delivery of SMP works to support the construction activities so as to meet the required standards and specifications, and to support the underground scope on site

QA/QC Superintendent (Quality Assurance/Quality Co

Provide leadership to the team of QA personnel & Inspectors;
Ensure quality of the deliverables to agreed standards and practices
Consider & action, where necessary, factual feedback from the Lead QA personnel on progress of project and staff performance;
Contribute to the development of a suite of baseline/template project plans, procedures, processes and forms for use on the Project (or Project Procedures Manual (or its equivalent);
Ensure Review of Supplier/Contractor deliverables such as Quality Plans, Inspection and Test Plans, Procedures and MDRs in accordance with Jacobs & Client requirements;
Promote efficient coordination activities among the Project's operational and functional areas;
Report to Project Management team on the status and effectiveness of the developed systems, system compliance, and where necessary initiate and support the implementation of corrective actions and facilitate satisfactory resolution;
Ensure that quality performance indicators are identified & reported to the project team;
Ensure the development & implementation of quality assurance and project integration training packages and business improvement initiatives & programs for project team members;
Assist to manage quality control activities for Construction Contracts offsite works as appropriate;
Ensure compliance with quality standards in all tasks
Ensure QA checks for data formatting and conformance to client requirements
Authorise information gathering for Quality and other Audits
Ability to monitor project quality assurance compliance
Ability to schedule and undertake audits

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