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Уорли Инженеринг - Нээлттэй ажлын байрууд

Technical Translator - English Turkish Mongolian

Strong understanding of & adherence to Anti Bribery & Corruption laws
Strong understanding of & adherence to the Employer Policies (including a code of conduct, regulations, and standards)
Distribute information to the entire underground staff and establish communications.
To complete all the necessary training that is required for working in an underground mine as well.
Drive utility vehicles to various sites to transport people and materials. Including underground sites.
Be actively present on site for most daily construction activities and monitor compliance with project HSE standards.
Distribute daily planning information to our subcontractors and client employees.
If necessary, perform administrative duties such as carrying materials, organizing meetings, etc.
Effectively communicate and distribute management instructions and recommendations to subcontractors and client employees.
Undertake activities that involve assimilating spoken words quickly, including jargon and acronyms.
Convert concepts in the source language to equivalent concepts in the target language
Communicating succinctly and accurately not only the content but also the style of statements.
Emulating the inflections and intonations of the speaker to reinforce the meaning and stresses of the speaker’s words
Preparing paperwork – reports, agendas before meetings, translating business documents, etc.
Organizing and managing workloads to meet work deadlines
Simplify language used, if needed
Any and all other tasks as assigned

3,000,000 - 4,000,000Өмнөговь аймаг
Process Control Automation Specialist

Assist in planning and organising commissioning activities within the commissioning team.
Deliver discipline work scope according to plan
Ensure PLC/DCS control system including the connected I/O, functionally operates as per design, and is appropriately configured and tested as required to meet the design criteria and intent
Ensure adherence to safety
Work within the systems and procedures to ensure engineering project work complies with statutory and regulatory requirements and company policies and practices
Maintain compliance with quality standards in all tasks

320,000 - 400,000Өмнөговь аймаг
Lead Design Engineer-CSA

You are responsible for delivering quality project discipline engineering.
Ensure you follow Worley’ systems and standards effectively on projects.
Assist Lead Field Engineer with resolution of engineering issues.
Identify improvements to design, procedures, proposals and work practices that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the group and communicate to the Field Engineering Manager.
Provide work direction and supervision to more junior staff and liaise with Lead Field Engineer for all work-related activities.
Capture the lessons learnt on projects on a regional basis and inform Field Engineering Manager to ensure continual improvement.
Participate in meetings related to planning, quality, safety and other technical matters as determined by the Field Engineering Manager.
Understand project manager and client expectations and develop the skills required to manage these relationships.
Develop solutions to engineering problems that meets or exceeds Client requirements.
You need to assist in attracting and keeping the right people and nurture them along the way.
Be visible and available.
Be inclusive.
Provide technical guidance to more junior engineering staff.
Liaise with Lead Field Engineer in aligning tasks and managing staff hour budgets for own work scope.
Interact with other engineering disciplines to provide the best project outcomes.
Work as a team-member with a group-focused attitude to work on projects.
You are responsible to position yourself in alignment with our core value as a relationship-based company.
Your client relationships must be nurtured and maintained.

3,000,000 - 4,000,000Өмнөговь аймаг
Field Verification Engineer – Mechanical and Pipin

Regularly review the current delivery dates of all equipment and report immediately where dates are unsuitable for site progress or deliveries are falling behind schedule;
Continually review construction drawings for adequacy, completeness, interfaces etc. Report any deficiencies or shortcomings to the Area Construction Superintendent;
Coordinate inspection of client and contractor supplied equipment and materials to be incorporated into the plant and implement the necessary action if non compliance, in accordance with the specifications/drawings, is uncovered;
Check contractor's monthly progress claims to verify quantities and percentages of completed work and report same to the Area Construction Superintendent;
In conjunction with the Area Construction Superintendent maintain good relations with statutory authorities, local companies adjacent to the site and client representatives;
Preparation of enquiries for additional work, in particular the technical specification;
Where works are carried out at hourly rates, assist in ensuring that extra claim sheets are correct in accordance with procedures and approved on a daily basis;
Arrange that all survey checks are carried out as required;
Assist in commissioning duties as and when required;
Assessment of the site content of claims made by contractors; assist to resolve disputes on contract documentation interpretation. If conflict with the contractor arises refer to the Area Construction Superintendent;
Supervision of any extra works by contractors and preparation documentation verifying completion of the work and counter sign contractor's hourly works time sheets;
Resolve queries, issues, changes etc. requested by contractors and assist in ensuring a system is in place to highlight items involving a delayed response;
Provide all reasonable assistance and cooperation to contractors in the execution of their work;
Review proposed and actual changes to project implementation and contractor schedules and report any concerns;
Pre-empt problems to the progress or performance of work and recommend strategies to overcome any delay;
Monitor resources employed by contractors including number and calibre of staff, manpower and equipment and make recommendation where deficiencies are found;
Assist with ensuring changes from the Specifications and Drawings are managed in accordance with the Project Change Management Process and that all changes are authorised prior to execution and endeavour to record on revised Drawings, Specifications or in As-Built records;
Coordinate with other Project Engineers to manage impact on other activities;
Interface with Field staff on technical matters and support services.

3,000,000 - 4,000,000Өмнөговь аймаг
Project Engineer

Maintain contact with Client and Contractors Engineers / Supervision and Construction Management for proactive resolution of HSE, schedule, quality and technical issues.
Conduct periodical site visits, verifying progress, quality and technical implementation of package requirements.
Advise construction management on HSE, schedule, quality, material and technical problems and solutions.
Assist with project coordination (between process engineering, drawing office, site, QA/QC, vendors, etc.)
Chair multi-discipline or multi-centre coordination/progress meetings
Prepare scope of work, and manage variation & control, including maintenance of scope of work and document packages
Prepare Site Instruction Approval Request Forms (SIARFs) and site instructions (SIs).
Support Contracts to evaluate and closeout contractors claims.
Support Cost control with remeasure of materials and other impacts to costs and quantities
Coordinate with Planning team and Contractor to develop and maintain construction schedules.
Monitor status of critical milestones (schedule).
Attend Contractor Lean Board meetings.
Organise the procurement of equipment, vendor packages, sub-contractors and suppliers
Track & follow up delivery dates of main equipment & materials
Track & follow up QA/QC compliance of main equipment & materials
Prepare requests and close out field purchasing of (extra) materials.
Identify the requirements for engineering input into specific procurement and construction contract packages
Co-ordinate the technical reviews of all construction contract packages
Assign priorities to Technical Queries (TQs) and Request for Information (RFIs) for each construction package
Support tender evaluation and adjudication of contract packages and vendor packages including bid clarification
Support contract award negotiation and kick-off meetings

320,000 - 400,000Өмнөговь аймаг
Progress Management Analyst

Progress Management Analyst manages all costs relating to the engineering works of the project in conjunction with the Contracts team. Minimise te costs of the project and enhance the value for money while still achieving the the required standard and quality of the project.

Price/forecast the cost of the different materials needed for the project
Prepare tender documents, contracts, budgets, bills of quantities and other documentation
Track changes to the design and/or construction work and adjusting budget projections accordingly
Procure or agree the services of contractors and/or subcontractors who work on the construction of the project
Measure and value the work done on site
Liaise with the client and other construction professionals, such as site manager, project managers and site engineers
Select and/or source construction materials
Report Writing
Undertake cost analysis or project work
Perform risk, value management and cost control
Advise on procurement strategy

3,000,000 - 4,000,000Өмнөговь аймаг

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