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Workpack Coordinator

To meet construction schedules and minimise Non conformance
Administrative and technical experience in the preparation of safety, quality, cost, planning, construction and completions input to workpacks.
Assist Project Engineer with approvals for each Work Package prior to execution
Preparation of paperwork such as Contract Request Forms and Project Variation Forms for each Work Package
Gathering of data required for each Work Package and ensuring it is forwarded to relevant team
Data File Management
Working with Project team members to clarify and questions or concerns regarding the work described in the Work Package.
Facilitate reviews of the Work Packages.
Ensuring safety and health compliance in regards to electrical aspects
Ensuring sub-contractors quality compliance
Liaise closely with the client and other key stakeholders on site

Commissioning Planner

To liaise with the discipline leaders and through collaboration

Ensure that there is a defined (Manpower, Materials and Tooling) scope of work on a 7-Day rolling basis for all Commissioning disciplines
Make sure that there is an accurate rolling 30-Day-Look-Ahead schedule (90% accurate)
Establish a rolling 120-Day-Plan, which reasonably describes the Commissioning intent and risks for that period (50% accurate)
Commissioning dates and durations are transcribed and consistent across all Construction and Commissioning systems (P6, Wrike, and Orbit)

Weekly and monthly reports are generated, published and distributed as per the Commissioning Execution Plan.
Commissioning leaders are informed of opportunities and obstacles to the disciple work schedules

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