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Education is a leading requirement for every country. The predecessor of the English School of Mongolia was established in 1998 with a name of Erel Secondary school and was running till 2011. From 2011 School governors, with parents’ agreement, decided to change the school philosophy and study programs, and the School became the English School of Mongolia. The school overall activity period since the creation is now 19 years. During this time the school was one of the best schools comparing to other secondary schools, especially by its foreign language level.

Since the 2011-2012 academic year the school was internationally accepted by Cambridge Institution as “The English school of Mongolia” Cambridge international secondary school and was got its accreditation and certified by International Baccalaureate IB Diploma programme in 2015. We note here that ESM programs meet Education Standards of Mongolia. ESM is an IB World School.

As all classes except Mongolian language, literature, script and history, are taught in English ESM is always on the lookout for native English speaking qualified teachers.

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    ESM creates a learning environment where the strengths of every child can be identified and nurtured. While striving for academic excellence, ESM creates life-long learners, who are self-confident and well-organised independent thinkers, curious about the world around them.

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    The English School of Mongolia aims at delivering high caliber education while focusing on celebrating cultural and personal values. Supporting students’ educational, moral, social and spiritual needs, Recognising the community educates global citizens who will be the “change-makers” in Mongolia’s development. ESM positions itself as a leading International and Independent School in Mongolia. ESM brings together the best international curricula and aims to create future leaders through education and by providing all necessary tools for students to develop their character, strength and confidence and become strong willed citizens with clear goals.

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    Education is everything

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