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Assistant Teacher

Summary Role:  
Foster the participation of all students both academically and socially to enable them to become independent learners.  Work closely with the class teacher and children in order to help raise student attainment.
Assisting Students:

Provide appropriate levels of support as discussed with the class teacher, including promoting increased attention, helping students stay on task, helping with physical difficulties and encouraging independence
When working with a group of children, understand and use group dynamics to promote group effectiveness and support group and individual performance 
Monitor children’s responses to learning activities and, where appropriate, modify or adapt the activities as agreed with the teacher to achieve the intended learning outcomes
Support children in developing social skills both in and out of the classroom
Promote the acceptance and inclusion of all children, encouraging them to interact with each other in an appropriate  manner
Support the maintenance of a stimulating learning environment which is compliant with School HSE policies and procedures.

Assisting Teaching:

Work alongside the teacher in introducing lessons and leading parts of lessons as per agreed plans
Assist with creating and development of classroom displays and support materials as appropriate
Attend Student Progress Meetings and any other student-related meetings as per the needs of the child
Support and maintain the School Behaviour Policy

Supporting the School:

Carry out supervisory duties as directed, including bus supervision if required
Function at all times in accordance with the stated policies and practices of the School
Attend planning meetings, induction and inset days, and staff meetings 
To assist where required with extra-curricular activities
Maintain confidentiality according to the school’s and legal requirements
Uphold and adhere to all school policies and health and safety regulations

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