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Улаанбаатар дахь Бритиш Сургууль - Нээлттэй ажлын байрууд

Operation and Resources Officer

Responsible to: Operation Coordinator and Senior Administrative manager
General Summary: To assist with the operations and activities of the Operations activities and ensuring the curriculum is adequately resourced is a core function and priority for the role.
Working with Operation department for maintenance

Manage and oversee solutions for problems, repairing damages and cleaning services related to the teachers' classrooms and premises (accommodation) 
Work closely with member of the Academic Team on school practice, events and general organisation

Organise and/or provide translation and typing of documents as required in operation department
Answer external and internal communication promptly
Preparing time log report for operation staff monthly 


Oversee repairs, renovations and inspections are carried out before staff arrive, and cleaned following their departure
Oversee all apartments are prepared ready for staff as per the inventory

Resources & stationery:

Making quotation research for items what have been requested in an Annual requisition form and other school resources
Placing an order and conducting purchases of all stationery, teaching and learning supplies (General Resources and List of items on Annual requisition Form) after approval by School Management
Ensure that items have been ordered and restored in resources room (ready to go to Requisitioners)  
Maintain up to date stock lists in all areas of resources  (school equipment, stationery, uniforms, ECAs) and monitor stock control 
Analyze usage and discuss with Senior Admin officer and Finance Coordinator to adjust ordering accordingly
Ensure products are securely stored and inventories are updated immediately after arrival into school
Check quality of materials before preparing for despatch to the appropriate people and make sure all goods reach the correct destination

Liaise with the Academic Team and teaching staff to identify critical resources ensuring that they are ordered, invoiced and delivered in a timely manner
Manage the BSU merchandise shop with Receptionist (Reprographics) 


On arrival, sort and store uniforms  in an efficient manner

Communicate with parents on orders

Coordinate the sale of uniforms at the beginning of the academic year

Be available to parents for sales during term time and ensure appropriate stock levels are maintained

Manage returns and complaints/issues from parents relating to uniform

Ensure the BSU merchandise shop is well-stocked and well-organised and maintained

External-facing administrative responsibilities: 

Liaise with the Academic Team and Marketing Manager regarding the organisation of school events

Ensure that the ECAs, Summer Camps and Summer School are resourced according to the requirements of the course.


General administration duties:

Communicate questions and concerns in relation to any of the above responsibilities to the appropriate members of the Academic Team 
Provide support to the daily operation of the school
Communicate effectively in English and Mongolian, both orally and in writing

General school expectations:

Promote English as the language of communication throughout the school
Set a good example at all times by adopting a professional appearance
Assist and participate in organising all school events throughout the year
Promote the school at all times both in school and in the community
Take on additional responsibilities as and when determined and agreed with line managers    

Assistant Teacher

The post holder is expected and required to adhere to the following requirements. 
Assisting Teaching

Assist in the educational and social development of students under the direction and guidance of the specific Class Teacher, specialist Subject Teachers and Head of Key Stage. 
Work alongside the Class Teacher in introducing lessons and leading parts of lessons as per agreed plans and providing support for individuals or groups of students in the classroom.
Check students have correct equipment and resources.
Assist with assessment of student progress.
Assist in the implementation of Individual Education Plans (IEPs) for students who require them and help monitor their progress. 
Share good practice and contribute to the professional development of all colleagues by participating in the academic quality assurance process.
Support students who do not speak English as a first language.
Support and maintain high standards of student behaviour, conduct and discipline.

Assisting Learning

Establish supportive relationships with students, fostering independence and self-esteem.
Provide appropriate levels of support as discussed with the class teacher, including promoting increased attention, helping with physical difficulties and encouraging independence.
Encourage students to reflect on their work and achievements.
Monitor students’ responses to learning activities and, where appropriate, modify or adapt the activities as agreed with the teacher to achieve the intended learning outcomes.
Support the maintenance of a stimulating learning environment which is compliant with School HSE policies and procedures.
Promote the acceptance and inclusion of all children, encouraging them to interact with each other in an appropriate manner.

Administrative and Other duties

Set up equipment, resources and materials ready for lessons to start promptly.
Assist Class Teachers with the development of resources and support materials outside of timetabled lessons.
Assist with record keeping processes by providing accurate information about student progress, welfare and other data as required and appropriate.
Participate in appropriate induction training and performance management review processes.
Attend assemblies, planning meetings, parents’ consultation meetings, induction and inset days as per the School Calendar.
Lead or assist where required with extra-curricular activities.
Maintain confidentiality of data according to the school’s and legal requirements.
Attend staff meetings where appropriate and relevant. 
Undertake supervisory duties as directed, including break, lunch and bus supervision if required.
Participate/Be involved in administrative duties assigned by Admin
Perform student’s bus supervising task during the assigned time frame

Safeguarding and Supporting the Wellbeing of Students

Provide a safe and secure environment in which children can develop intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally.  Specifically, this involves:

having awareness of and complying with the School’s Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy;
complying with the School’s Human Resources and Recruitment processes during on-boarding;
attending and applying safeguarding and child protection training and practice;
supporting effective monitoring and supervision of students around the School at all times, regardless of task or duty;
supporting and delivering the School’s PSHE programme;
maintaining positive and constructive inter-relationships with parents;
adhering to the School’s Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policies and protocols.

Be vigilant for situations or evidence of a child being hurt or harmed by another person in a way that may impact the child’s health, development or well-being.
Pass on any suspicions of a child being hurt or harmed by another person or details of disclosure(s) to designated colleagues in accordance with School policy.

General School Expectations

Maintain a working knowledge of and adherence to School policies and procedures. 
Promote English as the primary language of communication throughout the School.
Set a good example to students through personal and professional conduct and appearance.
Promote the School internally, in the external local community and on-line as per the School’s General Communications Policy and Social Media policy.


Liaise with members of the administration team to support the annual inventory of equipment and resources.


Take on additional responsibilities and duties as reasonably required by the Head Master.

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