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Technical Coordinator

Duties and responsibilities
The tasks of the Technical Coordinator are to provide support to the team by coordinating all technical-related activities under the supervision of the Project Manager and Head of Mission. She/he would be responsible for the quality of technical activities needed for efficient project implementation by ensuring implementation of activities requiring technical knowledge, for instance, preparation of training materials, guidelines and tools, development of ToR for technical tasks, and selection of external experts for technical tasks.
The Role of the Technical Coordinator
The Technical Coordinator shall support the Project Manager and Head of Mission in all technical aspects of the project during the implementation phases through the organization and coordination of the activities.
The specific tasks of the Technical Coordinator include, but are not limited to the following identified tasks:

Supervise, co-ordinate and monitor the work of Technical Consultants/ /Officers/Assistants to ensure timely delivery of high-quality outputs;
Support the Project Manager regarding the recruitment of individual consultants for the project;
Provide technical inputs into procurement activities, including sub-contracts for goods and services as per Procurement Guidelines;
Support to facilitate and coordinate stakeholder committee meetings;
Support collaboration with different stakeholders, including representatives and officials in national and local governments, international organizations, regional inter-governmental organizations, NGOs, technical and scientific organizations, civil society, partners, private sector and commercial finance institutions;
Lead the organizations of meetings, workshops, and seminars to raise awareness about the project and to disseminate lessons learned from the project to a wider audience. This will include all technical aspects of the project;
Support the PM to develop and facilitate the development and/or utilization of required operational guidelines and manuals;
Lead the pilot initiative to identify sustainable solutions, innovations of plastic waste management of public institutions and stakeholders in target areas;
Support the long and short-term consultants to ensure that they complete their activities on time;
Cooperate with PM searching for or applying for possible co-financing;
Support the PM in defining and conducting research activities, develop or select appropriate training modules for internal and external use;
Support the PM tracking Monitoring and Evaluation plan to effectively coordinate the monitoring, evaluation, and reporting of project results;
Update the Project Implementation Plan and Strategy per implementation of the activities;
Carry out other project-related tasks as assigned or instructed by the Project Manager and Head of Mission during the implementation of the project.

Provide inputs and support the project team to prepare and submit a number of reports including:

Monthly reports,
Quarterly interim report, and
Annual reports,
Predict, identify and follow up on problems that arise during the project implementation and prepare appropriate remedies,
Support Administrative and Financial officer on preparing and finalizing financial documents,
Ensure keeping project documents transparent and structured (internal reports, contracts, materials produced by the project, sources of indicators verification, etc.) in line with given guidelines.

Actively participate in the development of the Mission:

Provide ideas and inputs regarding new project proposals;
Develop new project proposals together with other team members and
Encourage or co-organize training of other team members in relevant areas.


Perform other tasks related to the project implementation according to the PM instructions.
Constantly update the Head of Mission, keep him/her informed of the project progress, report immediately any challenge to activity implementation or significant change in the situation, and discuss adequate solutions;
Respect CCR procedures and internal staff regulation;


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