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Founded in 2018, Bavaria Motors LLC is Mongolia-based automotive distribution company and we are the sole and exclusive dealer of Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW) in Mongolia. BMW is the world’s leading manufacturer of premium cars and motorcycles. ​
The company is currently looking for qualified and experienced candidates for position of PARTS SPECIALIST who will:
Main objectives of the role:

Responsible for achieving the targets relating to sales and profits for parts and accessories
Pursues the objective of achieving the highest possible parts potential utilisation in the dealership area.
Ensures a high level of delivery readiness along economical lines and customer satisfaction shall be raised by means of high parts availability or delivery readiness, combined with skilled advice

Tasks and activities of the role:

Defines and implements targets and suitable measures for the Parts Sales department.
Observes the market for Parts Sales and initiates marketing activities.
Steers and controls operational management, manage inventory.

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