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Bilingual Secretary

Baran Group is an international engineering company that provides engineering solutions for the management and design of infrastructures, buildings, industry, agriculture, communication, and technology operating in Israel and around the world.Baran Group Limited has been implementing the "Construction of Groundwater Wells and Conveyance" project of Millenium Challenge Account Mongolia since 2022. In the framework of the second Compact Agreement between the USA and Mongolia, the Millenium Challenge Account Mongolia is implementing the construction project for increasing the water supply of Ulaanbaatar city by building new groundwater wells, pipelines, new groundwater purification and wastewater recycling plants, and water data management system. The "Construction of Groundwater Wells and Conveyance" project is one of those construction projects and it aims to build down-water wells and pipelines.Baran Group Limited is looking to hire a Bilingual Secretary for this international construction project. Job Description • To maintain both hard and soft filing systems• To have knowledge of dealing with online document management systems and be familiar with uploading, downloading, and managing files per direction• Ensure files and correspondence exchanged between Option 1 and the clients and contractors are all captured and stored adequately• Having a good command of English in both listening and writing skills• An understanding of the fundamentals of configuration management• Organize and maintain documents, adhering to the project’s document procedures, including relocation of any inactive records into the Archive folders• Ensure documents conform with file naming standards• Participate in all required meetings at the site and office, documenting meetings and writing down MoMs, distributing the drafts, collecting signatures, and uploading them to SharePoint.• Translation of required documents• Assist the RE• Day-to-day correspondence filing for all shared drive folders and files• Be present at all meetings required at the site and the office, document meetings, write down minutes of meetings, distribute drafts, and collect signatures• Coordinate closely with all staff to ensure every important correspondence is filed• File every correspondence and important communicated emails between PMC, the client, and the Contractors for filing purposes

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Монгол улс, Улаанбаатар хот, Сүхбаатар дүүрэг, 1-р хороо, Жамъян гүний гудамж-22, Чойжин сьютис, 201 тоот

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