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Project engineer

Prepare and organize works to obtain all required permits, administrative authorizations, planning and document control of Zuuvch-Ovoo Project’s Base Camp and employees’ transportation in collaboration with experts from head quarter or subcontracting companies; Manage works for producing the reports, plans and other documents in accordance with the relevant legislations and regulations required to ensure normal condition for Base Camp and employees’ transportation; Prepare, with the assistance of all relevant teams, technical documents required by the state institutions and ensure timely submission of the documents; Interact with relevant state institutions and other organizations with regard to the project activity and performance; Liaise and interact with relevant experts from state institutions and other organizations to facilitate the permitting process to get the approval for construction (Base camp, transport infrastructures, …); Conduct and/or contribute to technical studies required for the Zuuvch Ovoo Project (i.e., cost estimation, planning, permitting, etc.); Ensure compatibility of eco-design of the project with Mongolian legislation; Liaise and coordinate the works of the contractor company on Basic design; Prepare scope of works, RFI; Provide recommendations for the detailed design based on Basic design study; Evaluate and/or conduct the studies to have a preliminary cost estimation on the transportation based on different scenarios; Development of schedules, with indication of resources, workload, general planning in terms of needed resources for assigned project; Perform specific project studies not related to Base Camp and Drillingmining activities upon request; When needed provide support to drilling project teams during works on the future drilling activities and wellfield infrastructures: Sizing of drilling fleet Sizing on drilling support infrastructures Well-house design Piping network studies.

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